Olivier Scarpelli


 Olivier Scarpelli was born on december 30, 1970 under the sun of Nice. Typical brigthness of the Cote d'Azur, where many famous painters were born, has certainly dyed Olivier's cradle with special colours we will find in all of his work.

 In 1988, Olivier met S. a young canadian girl fascinated by paintingand togther they scoured the most famous museums in France, Italy and Spain. He was very impressed in gazing upon greatest masterpieces, such as this black  parrot looking at a confused Joconde, surround by parrots as in The Birds by Hitchcock but we'll make a cose study of Olivier's work.        
In 1989, Olivier  stars learning differents painting techniques in Christian Geai's school ; although being devoted to flemish painting baser on glaze, Olivier soon finds this process is too restricted and so he prefers to develop a new and very odd technic made of thicker paint than usual one. Olivier is going to use only primary colours as blue, red and wellow adding  his personal  finishing touch.

But Olivier also wants to learn the art of framing ; thus in 1990, he starts  working  in Saodi's workshops in the Old Nice where he meets Cesar.

While Cesar had no direct influence on Olivier’s works, the charisma of the sculptor did incitate Olivier to carry on the way that had been offered to him. Thanks to Mr Soardi, Olivier met Mr Ferrero, the owner of a workshop where Olivier was going to work during two years and where he would meet famous painters such as Arman, Folon, Tobiasse...

Even though we cannot talk about influence, Olivier thus follows his elders' footsteps, as the mix of tradition and modernity reveals us, like in The Starry Night by Arman ; he shows us a Joconde confused by the headlines and the presence of a car. Love for sparkling colours, from bright red to the typical blue of his Mediterranean sea and sky comes from all of his works, with the avant-garde Andy Wharol art but still with this special touch.

In 1994 Olivier Scarpelli studied in Artigraph school. Later, Olivier met Mr and Mrs Hervieu, the owners of a gallery. Olivier is a young man, his art is only at the beginning, however he will be exhibiting at that gallery until 1997, when he met Coignard Epelé.

In 1994, thanks again to Mr Soardi, he would work a few days with Ben.

Parrots Of Olivier Scarpelli can be either gorgeous, with sparkling colours or can be dressed in metallic grey when rocked by the waves of a dark sea. They become plate armoured warriors with a shaded tones of grey in order to let their likes spread their wings and fly away...

As opposed to these grey parrots, many brightly coloured cones of light, in glossy red or deep blue made of a more asserting holographic technique with shaded tones and through strokes of brush, one can see the shadow of a hawk....